etaPartners LLC


Our Partners

Chuck Benson has 35 years of experience in the development, design, and  optimization of energy systems. His work has focused on applications in the industrial, power generation, commercial, and residential sectors. These include industrial furnaces, boilers, gas turbines, and appliances. Of note is his work on low-NOx burner technologies and on the utilization of new fuels (imported liquefied natural gas, shale gas, bio-derived gases). Prior positions that he has held include engineering roles at Pratt & Whitney and Exxon Research & Engineering Co, Vice President at Arthur D. Little Inc., Energy & Transportation Technology Sector Leader at TIAX LLC, and Principal at ENVIRON International Corp. Mr. Benson is an officer of the American Flame Research Committee. He also serves on the Executive and Joint Committees of the International Flame Research Foundation.

Dr. Robert Wilson has 35 years of experience in developing new technology for diesel and spark-ignition engines, industrial and utility energy conservation, alternative fuels and emission control. His focus has been on technology for automotive and stationary engines, power plant boilers, gas turbines, and industrial furnaces. Previously, he was a Vice President at Arthur D. Little Inc., where he led Combustion and Energy groups.

Our Advisors

Paul Flaherty has 27 years of experience working with industrial clients nationally and internationally, as well as with the US Government to solve difficult and complex business problems. His focus has been on air pollution control and impact reduction, process safety and asset integrity, as well as representing and resolving workers concerns on safety, operational integrity and whistleblower protection issues. He has provided independent opinions to top management teams, government officials, and representatives of the US Congress. He was a Principal with Arthur D. Little before founding Environ International's New England presence as a Managing Principal. He has served as an advisor to TAQA Global on process safety and asset integrity.