etaPartners LLC


Recent and ongoing projects conducted by eta staff:

Fuel-Flexible Combustion System for Industrial Plants. We recently completed a project, funded by the US Department of Energy, in which we developed and demonstrated a fuel-flexible combustion system for refineries and chemical plants. The technology  enables utilization of bio-derived fuels interchangeably with conventional fuels such as natural gas and internally generated waste gases. Download project description.

Utilization of New Natural Gas Supplies.  We are assisting natural gas distribution companies with the introduction of new supplies such as shale gases. We are working with utility staff to establish gas quality guidelines and with utility customers to successfully accommodate the changing supplies.

Bio-gas Utilization.  For a natural gas distribution company, we developed gas quality standards that enable the successful distribution and utilization of landfill gas and digester gas. We defined guidelines for achieving interchangeability with the existing natural gas supplies and established concentration limits for certain potentially harmful landfill gas constituents (e.g., siloxane).

Growth Strategy for Renewable Energy Marketing Company. We recently prepared a top-level growth strategy for a company specializing in assisting utilities with renewable energy installations in the residential sector. We identified attractive opportunities in clean-energy areas such as “smart” transportation, building energy conservation, efficient appliances, demand-response programs, residential waste-to-energy, and small-scale self-generation. We examined the barriers to entry and identified approaches for expanding their operations in these technologies and market applications.

Due Diligence of 200 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project. For a multi-billion dollar international energy company, we recently completed an assignment to perform due diligence on one of their power plant projects located in a developing country. The scope of our work covered both the construction project itself and also operations during commissioning. We focused on plant efficiency, plant safety, minimizing forced outages, and plant air pollution emissions control.