etaPartners LLC

etaPartners LLC is a small engineering and consulting firm having staff members located in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado. We have worked primarily with energy-related companies operating in the United States and Canada. We have also developed clean energy technologies for the US Department of Energy and for the North American natural gas industry.     

Services and Project Activities

Our staff members have a proven track record of innovation in the following areas:

  • Technology Development: We have developed ultra-low-emission combustion systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. In these projects, we applied state-of-the-art design tools such as chemical kinetics analysis, thermal analysis, and computational fluid dynamics modeling.

  • Research: We have conducted laboratory and field tests to quantify the impact of gas composition changes on the performance of combustion equipment. Through these projects we defined acceptable compositions for natural gases as well as renewable fuels such as bio-derived gases and blends of hydrogen with natural gas

  • Engineering: We have reviewed the design and operation of facilities such as compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations and combined-cycle power plants. In these projects we focused primarily on energy efficiency, safety, reliability, and control of air pollutant emissions. .

  • Consulting: We have worked with natural gas producers, pipeline companies, and local distribution companies to establish natural gas and renewable gas quality standards. The resulting interchangeability limits were based on consideration of customer safety, end-use equipment performance, and supply availability. .

  • Expert Testimony: We have served as expert witnesses in testimony provided to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as state public utility commissions  .

  • Technology Assessment: We have assisted financial institutions interested in investing in emerging technologies through objective, third-party assessments of each technology’s economic and technical viability. Our services included evaluating technical feasibility, understanding the intellectual property landscape, performing market studies as well as cost assessments, and evaluating commercialization risks.