etaPartners LLC

Combustion Technology

We develop combustion systems for…
– Industrial furnaces
– Utility and commercial boilers
– Residential heating equipment
– Micro power generation systems

Emissions Control Technologies

We assist in assessment & selection of emissions control technologies
–Assessment of emerging technologies
–Selection of appropriate technologies
–Application engineering
We optimize the performance of post-combustion emissions control equipment
–Demonstration testing of prototype systems

Natural Gas Utilization

We develop guidelines for utilization of new gas supplies, including imported Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and shale gas.

We develop regional solutions that consider the needs of all stakeholders.
– We use the NYSEARCH RANGETM model and interchangeability indices to evaluate the impact of fuel composition changes.
– We conduct laboratory and field tests to measure the performance of key equipment.
– We use statistical methods to project the response of the equipment population to changes in gas composition.

Our staff have addressed interchangeability issues associated with…
– Imported LNG
– LNG peak shaving
– Propane-air peak shaving
– Coal-bed methane
– Shale gas
– Digester gas
– Landfill gas

Energy Sustainability

We improve the energy efficiency of facilities using fossil fuels by…
– Developing and demonstrating technologies that increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.
– Conducting plant efficiency improvement assessments.
We advance the utilization of renewable fuels by developing new energy conversion technologies.
We assist corporations in attaining sustainability goals by…
– Developing greenhouse gas emissions inventories.
– Assessing technology options for control of greenhouse gases.

Energy Conversion Systems

We assist stakeholders in assessing the economic and technical viability of emerging energy conversion technologies by…
– Evaluating technical feasibility.
– Understanding the intellectual property landscape.
– Performing market studies & cost assessments.
– Evaluating commercialization costs and risks.
– Assessing regulatory drivers.
We develop new energy conversion technologies by…
– Providing technology innovation, engineering design, and development expertise.
– Providing systems integration expertise.
– Helping to secure third party funding.